Firma marketingowa we Francji szuka praktykantów!

Chciałbyś rozwijać swoje umiejętności liderskie? Pragniesz zdobyć międzynarodowe doświadczenie i unikalny wpis do CV? Chcesz rozwijać swoje zdolności marketingowe? To jest praktyka dla ciebie – aplikuj już teraz!


Company:  KERMEL

Field of work: Marketing ( Primary )

Duration: 25 Weeks

Start date: 18.10.2013

Job description:

  • Involves working under the supervision of a Business manager and learn about the sales process.
  • Involves understanding and preparing a marketing plan with respect to the concerned geography in question.
  • By talking to the end users and collecting all the pertinent information on market and users and the textile chain.
  • Understanding the size of the market in the geography and the best way to penetrate this market and obtain the targeted results.
    Work information:

From 9:00 to 17:00 With a total of 35 hours per week Saturday work: none


  • Corporate Community Engagement (Preferred)
  • Economic Research + Forecasting (Required)
  • Retail + Sales Marketing (Required)
  • Organic Chemistry (Preferred)
  • General & Inorganic Chemistry (Preferred)

  • Internet User Skills (Required)

  • PC User Skills (Required)
  • Leadership skills (Required)
  • Client Servicing Skills (Required)
  • Presentation skills (Required)
  • Organisational Management (Required)
  • Marketing / Selling skills (Required)
  • Financial Management skills (Preferred)
  • Team Management (Preferred)
  • Project Management (Preferred)


English (Required)

Salary: US $1530

More Information:

Write to us on _

or contact Monika Masaj.

If you want you can make a video in English in which you tell about your personality, experience and motivation.

This video + CV in English send by email, as a title write number TN-In-FR-MC-2013-1843.