Maria’s story

You already know what kind of questions do we ask to our members. Let’s see what Maria from Kraków said!

What should people know about AIESEC?

That it is a platform where they can achieve more than they ever thought they can get.

How did AIESEC help you to develop yourself?

AIESEC made me believe in a different path in life, showed me that by doing things differently you can get great results and what’s more – nobody will judge you for it. By seeing people that care about others, environment, world you want to develop yourself in that direction. For sure my life would be less impact and a bit boring if I wouldn’t have AIESEC.

What kind of people did you meet in AIESEC?

People that care. People that want more. People who think differently but in a good way. Creative people. People who are going to be by your side no matter what.

What kind of impact did you have in the world/local reality thanks to AIESEC?

On my volunteering experience I’ve noticed that only by taking a few hours a day you can change somebody’s life. But what’s more you can change somebody ease’s reality or vision about something. On my project I used to work with kids with down syndrom. I wanted to show people that you cannot be afraid of this illness, that it is nothing scary and that you should be more open. But what else happened? Kids changed, I changed and in my reality all that known me realized that you should be a person that stands up for anything that is bad in the world.

When I joined AIESEC I knew it was doing exchanges. I didn’t know why. Now I know, not only from theory but also from experience. It is one of a kind organisation that is a combination of self-development with helping and developing others. AIESEC opened many doors for me and made me get practical skills – not everyone can be a leader in their twenties. But also it got me experience and change my attitude towards the world.


-Maria Gajewska