My time in WroclawMy time in Wroclaw

Hi! My name is Liz and I’m from Mexico city. On this summer I had the best experience that could ever imagine.  I joined the big group of people who have had travel and shared their culture with AIESEC. When I enrolled as an EP, I didn’t know what to expect about it, everybody was telling that this choice was going to change my life, and they weren’t wrong. Everything was going so fast, in a blink of an eye, I was taking my last bus to the city that was going to hold me for the next two months, Wroclaw!!! …

Well, I don’t want you to be bored about this story so it will be short enought for you to want to enroll and be a participant too.

The first weekend, I met eleven other people from completely different countries and continents.  We traveled around the city center and everything was just perfect and amazing. We made friends really quickly and we started planning what we were going to do in this country.

The most important thing about this was the working weeks, I was in this Project called Summer Kindergarten and every week, we changed cities and gave clases to small kids (6,7 years old) about our culture, made activities, presentations, and a lot of stuffs. After the week passed, we either returned to Wroclaw or going somewhere else in Poland. I just can’t describe my experiece with it, it was just like a fairytale, the kindergarten, the host families, the principals, the teachers, the cities, all the people and everything was perfect. I felt like part of the family, part of the country. I ate tons of traditional food, met wonderfull places, kids made me run as I’d never, I even learned some polish.

Finally but not least important you might be wonder how did I survived without knowing anything?, well since the first day I touch Polish routes, all the AIESEcers help me through everything, they taught us how to move around, and all the basic things we needed to know in order to have the best experience in life.

So, in conclusion, yeah! It was the best experience I could ever imagine and have so far.  Now I know I have friends in the fifth continents and a second home in Wroclaw.