Beata’s Story

Beata’s story

“I think the most important thing for me is when I have been buddy for EP from Turkey (I’m currently). I was asked to be buddy for that person and didn’t expect anything because my previous similar experiences weren’t good. But unexpectedly this activity turned everything. From the beginning (picking her up at 11:30 pm on Saturday from the airport) we started to talk and getting to know each others. She is lovely young person who tells me about Turkey, her plans, views on the life, dreams, situation, EVERYTHING. She changed my view on Turkish people and culture, that people are hospitable and helpful. She shows me that different attitude for meeting new people, how to get to know them and make new friends. Also she shows me how life can be amazing and we should Carpe Diem! After 3 weeks of our relationship I can say that we aren’t only buddies, we are friends and more. I treat her like younger sister who I loved so much (and she also). In my opinion, if I didn’t join AIESEC, I wouldn’t know about this opportunity and thanks to this organization I have know the best person in the world.

I Realized how people changed themselves and local society, how I changed after meetings with people connected with AIESEC, how many amazing stories I’ve heard from people who were interested in AIESEC programs and people who took part in it. In AIESEC itself I meet open minded, clever, brave, experienced, young, older, with different view on some aspects, international people.

I started to believe in myself, not be afraid and try new things, be more open to new people, focus on my strengths and be aware of weaknesses.”