Eryk’s story

How did AIESEC allow you to develop yourself?

AIESEC let me believe in myself. Thanks to this organization I started to believe in my potential and it helped me to build my own sense of value. Besides, AIESEC guided me and helped me to find my way in life and understand what I feel good about and I understood that I want to work in Marketing. What very important is that I met many ambitious, open-minded, tolerant people with whom I have a lot of fun doing projects and spending time.

How would you describe people in AIESEC?

People from this organization are indescribable. Everyone is open, friendly, helpful and above all ambitious. The people in this organization are very much interested in self-development and changing this world for the better. This is incredible!

What is the impact you were able to bring by AIESEC?

At the local level, AIESEC makes every effort to support charities, invite volunteers from abroad to help teach Polish children and, most importantly, develop leadership skills in young people.

Eryk Lewandowski