Marta’s story

Let’s see what Marta from Kraków said!

In AIESEC I learnt that nothing is impossible and I can work on my weaknesses. You just have to have a will to do it. I meet strong, passionate but also creative and curious people. I participated in two international volunteer exchanges which were about working with kids. In local level, I was helping with creating those opportunities for others.

I met many amazing people who have had a huge impact on me. Now I have friends all around the world and I am no longer scared of getting out of my comfort zone. Here’s an example. I’m now o my Global Volunteer project in Rio de Janeiro. I live in a supercool host family who went with me for skydiving 2 weeks ago. It was something I can’t describe with words.
I am also working with kids from favelas which is a huge experience for me and them. I realized how the reality here looks like and that small gestures can cause a big smile on children’s faces.



-Marta Kubanek