Paulina’s story

You already know what kind of questions do we ask to our members. Let’s see what Paulina from Szczecin said!

What should people know about AIESEC?

I think that people should know that AIESEC is all about people, you create this organization with people for other people. I mean for me it’s really amazing that in AIESEC we can meet soo many incredible people who can really change our lives! You learn something new every day. Be the type of person you want to meet. AIESEC teaches living in diversity.

How did AIESEC help you to develop yourself?

AIESEC taught me that if you want to develop yourself, you have to leave your comfort zone. I think that thanks to that I was able to use every opportunity that the organization gave me and now I can say that I’m really self aware.

What kind of people did you meet in AIESEC?

I met wonderful people. I met people that I can trust, people that I can always count on, people who have their values and are not afraid to fight for them. I met people who care about the future of our world and believe that they can change it.

What kind of impact did you have in the world/local reality thanks to AIESEC?

I remember how last summer I helped organize a small Global Village in an orphanage. At first I wasn’t convinced and I was wondering if organizing such an event for 8 children makes any sense at all. I quickly changed my mind as soon as I saw the children’s reactions to our volunteers, they were fascinated by them. Throughout the day, they learned about the culture of other countries and listened to various stories with interest in their eyes. At the end of the day a little girl came to me and said that in the future she also wants to become a volunteer and help others. It was the first time when I truly believed in impact of our organization.


-Paulina Szczyglewska