Piotrek’s story


How did AIESEC allow you to develop yourself?

Some months ago,  I’d say that AIESEC develops my time management skills and gives me the opportunity to take part in webinars with partners, which are developing me in the field of business. But now I’d say – AIESEC develops the skills of cooperation with others, of leading the team to achieve various goals. And most importantly – AIESEC shows, that every person can have a real impact on this world, and can positively change something. AIESEC made me believe in people.

How would you describe people in AIESEC?

OMG, I could write a book about that! Most importantly – we all want to reach higher, we want to develop ourselves and we cheer each other on. There is no envy, no jealously. We all know, that our goals are much higher than that, and we really want to change something together. At the same time, we can party together, talk witch each other without any hesitation… AIESEC unites people that really want something more from their lives.

What is the impact you were able to bring by AIESEC?

I think, that I’m very positive about everything that is happening in AIESEC. And that positive energy affects others. Now I’m working on Dni Kariery project, and that will be something really big, and I can’t wait to deliver it. Moreover, thanks to AIESEC I met many fantastic people and we showed ourselves that there are more people like us – crazy youngsters, who are dreaming about changing something in this world.


Piotrek Stawecki