Sofias’s story

You already know what kind of questions do we ask to our members. Let’s see what Sofia from Kraków said!

What should people know about AIESEC?

AIESEC is a platform that helps young people to explore their passions, to live different experiences and to develop multiple skills that would be useful in their future. But also AIESEC brings understanding of current state of the world we live in and helps people make their valuable contribution to it’s improvement

How did AIESEC help you to develop yourself?

First of all it brought me self confidence and awareness. I understood what I’m good at and how I can improve it even more, but also what I should never be doing 🙂 But the thing Im the most grateful for is showing me how many opportunity and possibilities this world actually has for us. You just need to by interested in taking one

What kind of people did you meet in AIESEC?

Mostly crazy, but on the other hand open minded people who know how to set their goals in order to achieve them, who have clear plans for themselves and understand their value. People willing to learn and to share their knowledge. People, who devote their time and resources to bring cultural understanding and develop others’ potential.

What kind of impact did you have in the world/local reality thanks to AIESEC?

Because of me 34 people are volunteering all over the world. People who came back with amazing stories about their adventures abroad. But also there were people who came back with terrible stories about bad health conditions in country they visited, about children in age of 12 not able to read, about how dangerous it was for them to go back home from work, about locals pointing fingers on them and refusing talk them. At least 2 of them went back in order to help local society again and to bring a change to the world. I guess that was my small contribution.

What is your story?

I think it will be a story form my Global Volunteer. I went on exchange to China where I was teaching English and it was amazing, but to be honest I didn’t feel the impact until one day. The family I lived in didn’t speak English, so it was very hard for us to communicate. Buton the last day of my stay there, they prepared an album for me, where every member and family friend wrote at least 2 pages of wishes in English. And they told me that it was a great honor for her (my host mom) and especially her son to meet a person from another part of the world who wants to bring something good to their country. They also said they couldn’t believe they will ever have an opportunity to host such amazing person, even though I never did something outstanding. These people were treating me as a daughter and very respectable guest, what I’ll never forget. But also it brought to my mind that sometimes huge impact we are talking about and we are looking for is just in very simple things, that will stay in somebody’s (and ours of course) memory forever.

-Sofia Turchynyak